Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This one was told to me by one of the ladies I babysit for...
I went to the conservatory the other day with my 2yr old, Marie, who is potty training. She had a (number 2) accident in her Pull-Up, so we went to the bathroom to clean it up. We got there at the same time as a rather plump lady, who was about to use the handicapped stall. The lady said we could use it because the changing table is in it. While I was cleaning up Marie, we heard the lady start urinating. Marie whispers, "Mommy, she's peeing!" I replied,"Shh! I know, honey." Then, the lady tooted, and Marie says "She TOOTed!" I quietly reiterated, "Shh! I KNOW, honey!" Then, we heard the sounds of number 2, and Marie shouted, "Yay! She's POOPing!!!" I was trying so hard not to laugh, while simultaneously trying to clean up a wiggly 2year-old. But, when Marie turned to me and said, "Wow! SOMETHING stinks in here!" I lost it!

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