Monday, May 2, 2011

Ewww a bug!

The baby was sick all day today. Marie told me "it's because he ate a bug!" THAT explains the constant projectile vomiting!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Apparently, I'm a circus oddity

Sometimes it's interesting to find out how people really see you. For example; my sister told me that lately, her 3year-old has been pulling her hair forward across her chin (like a beard) and exclaiming, "now you look like Aunt Sah!"

...say WHAT?!

At the museum

I went to the museum with 2.5year-old Marie yesterday. After we had looked at exhibits for a few hours, she wanted to go home. As we passed the museums' gift shop, she wanted to go inside "just to look around." She went all over the shop exclaiming over everything, "this is sooo cute!" or "look how precious!" and other such statements. (She's so funny, when she's trying to act grown-up!) Some kids toward the front of the shop were picking out candy. She overheard their conversation, and said to me, "Some kids in this store are getting candy..." I said, "Really? Well, YOU'RE not one of them!" She turned around and (with her BIG brown eyes) asked, "COULD I be?!!!"
How do you turn that child down?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


My 3year-old nephew Petey is going to be a politician someday. It's a fact! 
His mama was making dinner, and he wanted to go outside. When she told him that they couldn't go outside because she was busy making dinner, he replied, "I got MONEY!" His mama (laughing internally) asked, "you're going to PAY me to go outside?!" To which, he replied, "YEah!"

How to make a bed

My sisters, who are identical twins, were given an assignment in school to write an essay telling "How to make a bed." The first twin's essay was very well written, "First you put on the bottom sheet, then the top sheet,...etc." The second twin's essay was also well written, "First you get your parents' permission, then you get some wood and nails and a hammer..." They both described how to "make" a bed, they just interpreted the word differently.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erin go bed

I was trying to bake cookies for a St. Patty's Day party, but I couldn't because my 4year-old sister was refusing to take a nap. So, I told her that if she took her nap, then she could have a cookie. She yelled, "I don't want none of your flogging cookies!"

Circular logic

My 4year-old nephew had spent most of a Saturday watching NASCAR races with his dad. After awhile, he left his dad, and wandered into the room where his mama and I were talking. He crawled up into my lap and said, "Aunt Sah, I have a question 'bout Nascar." I said I'd TRY to help him with the answer. He said, "Why do they call it a race?! They don't go nowhere! They're just rounding and rounding."
um,... I have no idea.